Jaqui Aikens

We have managed our financial circumstances for a number of years but felt it wise as we got closer to retirement to seek the services of a professional. I, in particular, felt that I did not understand our financial situation well enough and needed to have someone who can provide guidance and answer any questions as our circumstances and rules change.
I do not recall who referred us to Lee Fen, notwithstandingthat; I must say it was an excellent recommendation.
Our first meeting was very uncomfortable for me as I was struggling to understand the terminology and complexities of superannuation and retirement principles. At one point I asked Lee Fen to explain in a language that I could understand.
Lee Fen immediately got up from her chair, came round to my side of the table and sat beside me. Lee Fen was warm, genuine and respectful, speaking to me in language I could understand and slowly I began to relax. I now can say that I have a working knowledge and understanding of our financial situation and retirement future and feel more confident that with Lee Fen’s assistance we will be well placed to enjoy our retirement.
I cannot speak highly enough of Lee Fen, her knowledge and integrity shine through. Nothing is too much trouble for her and all queries we have made are answered promptly in easy to understand terms. I now have a clear understanding of our financial position thanks to Lee Fen’s professionalism and understanding.
I would definitely recommend Lee Fen Goh as a financial adviser to all.