• The role of the financial adviser is to understand and assist the client in achieving their goals and objectives.

  • Financial advice can be sought after at any stage of an adult’s life, but is most commonly sought after at any major turning point in their lives. Different stages account for different financial goals. We can make this happen by ensuring our clients are comfortable with us and establishing a long term relationship with regular meetings to review any changes to their situation if required.
    Examples of situations where financial advice is required could be:

    • Starting employment
    • Starting a family
    • Retirement Planning
    • Marriage or divorce
  • Each and every individual’s situation is unique and different from one another. It is not necessary to analyse this by looking at one’s wealth or assets. At Goh Financial Advisers, we assess your situation and assist you in creating a strategy that will work best for you.

    • Minimise risk
    • Soften financial effect of unexpected events (such as illness or injury)
    • Assure future of your family
  • The initial consultation is at our cost.  Should you wish to go ahead with a financial plan, there will be a cost which will vary depending on your  circumstances, goals and objectives

    • Yes, we will always disclose any fees and charges that may be applicable. If fees are not determined during the initial meeting, we will inform you before we progress any further.