Tara Ravarua

Amazing service, very bubbly personality. Thanks again Lee Fen Goh. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Michelle Clayton

“We were recommended to Lee Fen by our Mortgage Broker and we haven’t looked back! Our initial feelings of cautiousness were immediately set aside when first meeting Lee Fen. She made us feel at ease with her genuine sense of caring and her vast knowledge of the industry. Lee Fen was able to put in place strategies that helped us manage our finances /investments more effectively saving us money in the meantime. We always leave Lee Fen reassured in the knowledge that she always has our best interests at heart and is consistently monitoring our funds to ensure the very best outcome for us and our future. We highly recommend Lee Fen and the services she provides.”

Rafael Dance-Hooi

“Lee fen has helped me realise how important financial advice and planning can be. She is honest, friendly and knowledgeable and I know that she has my best interests at heart. She is always happy to discuss any queries or concerns at length and her services have saved me a great deal of time and stress. I am confident leaving my financial matters in her capable hands.”

Kathleen Yeoh

“I have little knowledge of financial matters, so having someone like Lee Fen is very beneficial to me. She takes the time to explain matters that were unfamiliar to me. I know that I can trust Lee Fen with my finances. With her guidance, I am slowly but surely gaining valuable knowledge in financial matters.”

Benjamin Lee

“I had never thought that I would ever require a financial adviser. However, after a chance meeting with Lee Fen, I slowly began to realise how invaluable the services of a financial adviser can be. Lee Fen has the dedication to follow-through with any issues that are brought up to her, which is a rare trait. Having formally engaged with Lee Fen’s services, I have full confidence that my finances are in good hands.”

Niki Xiourouppa

“We are extremely happy to have been introduced to Lee Fen. It’s very reassuring to have such a knowledgeable professional working with us to reach our financial goals. Lee Fen’s friendly and enthusiastic manner makes her very easy to talk to and she is always happy to answer any questions. It gives us peace of mind to know our future is being planned and monitored efficiently. Would definitely recommend Lee Fen to anyone! “

Wendy DiMonte

“Lee Fen has helped look after my financial needs over a significant period of time now. It gives me total peace of mind knowing that my future is being prepared for strategically and continues to be closely monitored. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Lee Fen is always a phone call or email away. “

Bernie Daly

“Lee Fen is very efficient and keep us informed with any new developments. She is always available to discuss any issues that we have. We feel very confident with the way she is managing our affairs. We are happy to recommend her to others. “

Curtis Aikens

“Lee Fen is very approachable, easy to talk to and knows her stuff. Would greatly recommend her to anyone.”

Frank & Guida Coutinho

“We started over, financially, when we migrated to Australia 11 years ago. It was truly a blessing to have been introduced to Lee Fen and to discover an extremely knowledgeable professional who is truly interested in us as people and in our circumstances. Lee Fen tailor-made a financial plan specific to our needs and took the time to explain things, especially more complex aspects, simply and as often as required to ensure we understood and were happy with the approach taken. Lee Fen’s breadth of knowledge, energy and passion gives us comfort and confidence for the future. We unreservedly recommend Lee Fen and her team to anyone seeking guidance on their financial position. You will not be disappointed!!”

Nancy & Bob Bates

I have known Lee Fen for almost 9 years through my work as a parish secretary.  She is an honest, warm, genuine and respectful person.  In our dealings with Lee Fen, we have found her to be understanding and approachable, very “down to earth”. Lee Fen is passionate about her chosen career and works tirelessly on our behalf.We are so grateful for the peace of mind she has given us.She has always our best interests at heart, and strives do her utmost to achieve the best financial solutions regarding our portfolio.

All our queries have been answered promptly and explained in easy to understand terms. Thanks to Lee Fen’s professionalism, we have an action plan that will deliver a happy and financially stable, reliable and enjoyable retirement in the future.I recommended Lee Fen to my sister, and her son, and they are now pleased and happy to have Lee Fen on board and managing their financial portfolios as well. We recommend Lee Fen Goh as a financial adviser to all and to anyone who wish to see their financial situation being carefully and respectfully managed.

Jaqui Aikens

We have managed our financial circumstances for a number of years but felt it wise as we got closer to retirement to seek the services of a professional. I, in particular, felt that I did not understand our financial situation well enough and needed to have someone who can provide guidance and answer any questions as our circumstances and rules change.
I do not recall who referred us to Lee Fen, notwithstandingthat; I must say it was an excellent recommendation.
Our first meeting was very uncomfortable for me as I was struggling to understand the terminology and complexities of superannuation and retirement principles. At one point I asked Lee Fen to explain in a language that I could understand.
Lee Fen immediately got up from her chair, came round to my side of the table and sat beside me. Lee Fen was warm, genuine and respectful, speaking to me in language I could understand and slowly I began to relax. I now can say that I have a working knowledge and understanding of our financial situation and retirement future and feel more confident that with Lee Fen’s assistance we will be well placed to enjoy our retirement.
I cannot speak highly enough of Lee Fen, her knowledge and integrity shine through. Nothing is too much trouble for her and all queries we have made are answered promptly in easy to understand terms. I now have a clear understanding of our financial position thanks to Lee Fen’s professionalism and understanding.
I would definitely recommend Lee Fen Goh as a financial adviser to all.

Stanley Lien

She is approachable, understanding and committed. Not only provided financial relief but a sense of satisfaction.

About two years ago my wife and I were in a meeting with Lee Fen. We happened to mention that our daughter was critically ill. Our daughter has an Income Protection policy but we did not think she would qualify for a claim as she lives overseas. Lee Fen immediately offered to take up the matter with the insurers with the end result that our daughter was presented with a claims cheque. Without Lee Fen’s experience and expertise we would not have been able to achieve this result, one which not only provided financial relief but a sense of satisfaction that the insurer kept their promise to pay out on the policy at the appointed time.

Over the years we have found that Lee Fen is approachable, takes time to understand our needs and is committed to helping her clients.

Wendy DiMonte

Lee Fen has been my financial adviser for 10 years now. Having known her family for many, many years, I have long admired and respected the calibre and integrity of her parents and older siblings, and I know the values that have been instilled in her throughout her life.

For the period that Lee Fen has been my Adviser, I have felt absolutely secure in the knowledge that she has my best interest at heart, and will always do her utmost to see me in the best position financially that I can be.
When I remarried almost 5 years ago, Lee Fen was instrumental in helping us combine our financial profiles to our best advantage. She encouraged us to purchase an investment property, ensuring that we set up the best deal possible for our investment loan at that time. When the opportunity arose recently to improve our interest rate, Lee Fen introduced me to a lending manager to ensure that our rate remained highly competitive.
Through Lee Fen’s initiative, we have met regularly with her, ensuring that we are on track with our 5 year plan, always discussing what our best options might be at each stage. On her advice, we have changed investment and super packages, and we are actually ahead of our forecast figures at this stage.

Last year, we were approached by an investment company, wanting us to put our money into a property in far north Queensland. When we were unsure of how to proceed, we contacted Lee Fen for advice. She encouraged us to invite this investment salesman to her office to explain his “package” once again. We were exceedingly appreciative of Lee Fen’s advice and open door policy. We are also very thankful that we decided not to go ahead with this offer as a consequence.

In all our dealings with Lee Fen, we have found her to always be so warm and approachable – very much a “people person” – not to mention her depth of integrity and honesty. Lee Fen is passionate about her chosen career and works tirelessly for her clients. I would highly recommend Lee Fen Goh to anyone who wishes to feel that their financial situation is being carefully and respectfully monitored. We are so grateful for the peace of mind she has given us.

Airdre Megins

Lee Fen and Glenn are people that I admire and trust. Lee Fen has empowered me to consider the here and now and retirement future, as a, ‘can do’ ‘options’ ‘worth exploring’ concept.

Lee Fen has a passion for getting your bank card debt paid! ‘Airrdreee you must do it’ in her firm big sister voice!
Lee Fen even is proud of me in that I have sought 12 months % interest free to pay back in disciplined fashion!Lee fen expresses warmth and sincere excitement when working with you to better ones financial health.

Lee Fen sets out to explore and if it is not possible to venture down one path she is there in the wings to support as the sign posts change.
Lee Fen is supporting my sister, my husband, (despite his scepticism re change).

Lee Fen assessed my mother’s financial status and gave an appraisal that affirmed that we as a family had supported her appropriately after my father’s passing.
I feel reassured that I have Lee Fen to seek reassurance and explanation when I need it.

Lee Fen is now helping me to meet short term goals or consider meeting them as my last son is about to semi leave home for the USA and money is needed to visit and finance this.
Lee Fen communicates with humility and grace when translating financial ‘con-un-drums’ ( to a dumb-drum)!

Poor Lee Fen……won’t know What I mean.. Aussie phrase.

Lee Fen has cool hands and warm heart!