Airdre Megins

Lee Fen and Glenn are people that I admire and trust. Lee Fen has empowered me to consider the here and now and retirement future, as a, ‘can do’ ‘options’ ‘worth exploring’ concept.

Lee Fen has a passion for getting your bank card debt paid! ‘Airrdreee you must do it’ in her firm big sister voice!
Lee Fen even is proud of me in that I have sought 12 months % interest free to pay back in disciplined fashion!Lee fen expresses warmth and sincere excitement when working with you to better ones financial health.

Lee Fen sets out to explore and if it is not possible to venture down one path she is there in the wings to support as the sign posts change.
Lee Fen is supporting my sister, my husband, (despite his scepticism re change).

Lee Fen assessed my mother’s financial status and gave an appraisal that affirmed that we as a family had supported her appropriately after my father’s passing.
I feel reassured that I have Lee Fen to seek reassurance and explanation when I need it.

Lee Fen is now helping me to meet short term goals or consider meeting them as my last son is about to semi leave home for the USA and money is needed to visit and finance this.
Lee Fen communicates with humility and grace when translating financial ‘con-un-drums’ ( to a dumb-drum)!

Poor Lee Fen……won’t know What I mean.. Aussie phrase.

Lee Fen has cool hands and warm heart!