Wendy DiMonte

Lee Fen has been my financial adviser for 10 years now. Having known her family for many, many years, I have long admired and respected the calibre and integrity of her parents and older siblings, and I know the values that have been instilled in her throughout her life.

For the period that Lee Fen has been my Adviser, I have felt absolutely secure in the knowledge that she has my best interest at heart, and will always do her utmost to see me in the best position financially that I can be.
When I remarried almost 5 years ago, Lee Fen was instrumental in helping us combine our financial profiles to our best advantage. She encouraged us to purchase an investment property, ensuring that we set up the best deal possible for our investment loan at that time. When the opportunity arose recently to improve our interest rate, Lee Fen introduced me to a lending manager to ensure that our rate remained highly competitive.
Through Lee Fen’s initiative, we have met regularly with her, ensuring that we are on track with our 5 year plan, always discussing what our best options might be at each stage. On her advice, we have changed investment and super packages, and we are actually ahead of our forecast figures at this stage.

Last year, we were approached by an investment company, wanting us to put our money into a property in far north Queensland. When we were unsure of how to proceed, we contacted Lee Fen for advice. She encouraged us to invite this investment salesman to her office to explain his “package” once again. We were exceedingly appreciative of Lee Fen’s advice and open door policy. We are also very thankful that we decided not to go ahead with this offer as a consequence.

In all our dealings with Lee Fen, we have found her to always be so warm and approachable – very much a “people person” – not to mention her depth of integrity and honesty. Lee Fen is passionate about her chosen career and works tirelessly for her clients. I would highly recommend Lee Fen Goh to anyone who wishes to feel that their financial situation is being carefully and respectfully monitored. We are so grateful for the peace of mind she has given us.