Cyndy Fleming

I was given Lee Fen’s contact details by a friend who has used GOH Financial Advisers for some years and had highly recommended Lee Fen. I didn’t immediately get around to contacting Lee Fen straight away, so I emailed her and we arranged to meet at her office at Hampstead Gardens. I was a little hesitant as I had met with so many other people who told me they could help me with my situation, however, as time went on I persisted with them it was evident that my circumstances were too hard for them to resolve. So with all my paperwork in hand and anticipating not a good outcome I attended Lee Fen’s office and I was met with a beautiful lady who straight away made me feel like I was important and my circumstances were important and that she could do something for me.

Well she did and it just proves that there are nice people left in this world and Lee Fen is one of those very special people. I am thrilled with the result of my circumstances nowand I have very little stress in my life knowing that I can contact Lee Fen and ask her advice on any financial matter that may arise. Lee Fen took the time to LISTEN to me and never did I feel like I was being rushed, unlike other people whom I had invested a lot of time and loyalty with.

If it wasn’t for Lee Fen I would still to this day be worrying myself sick with how I was going to resolve my situation. I just wish I had met Lee Fen years ago, as I would be far better off, but I have just come to realisation it will just take a little longer to gain the wealth I truly deserve.