David Jackson

Several years ago I realised that my dream of retiring at an age that I could still enjoy life was not really going to be achieved. I had some personal superannuation which I had started as a tax deduction and of course the compulsory company payments, but they were not really going anywhere. It was only when I received a letter from my tax accountant telling me they would be transferring my superannuation portfolio to another company who was now looking after this that I thought maybe I should meet with these people and find out where and what I should do.

I made an appointment with the person responsible for my account, Lee Fen Goh, Immediately I met with her I was impressed with her ability to communicate with me and find out what I was looking for and what she could do to get me there. The first report prepared for me was concise and understandable, and there was never any pressure to take up the advise. I did though and within the first year I could see results of taking this advise and my superannuation started working for me instead of just being there laughing at me!!!

When Lee Fen contacted me to say she was starting her own business and gave me the option of moving with her or staying where I was, I made the decision to stay with her as a client, I have not regretted this decision as her advice and strategies have continued to make my investments move to a position that I had hoped for. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lee Fen Goh, her ability to make you feel at ease and to work with you to achieve the goals you have in life are second to none, there is no pressure to accept a plan you don’t feel is right for you and every thing is set out in a manner that is easy to understand so you know how your investments can work for you.

I can not thank Lee Fen enough for what she has done for me and my future, and look forward to continue to work with her in the future.